Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Problem - Solving

Exemplars performance material provides teachers and administrators with a way of teaching and assessing problem-solving and communication skills.

Our real-world material engages students and promotes reasoning and communication. Each problem-solving task has been classroom-tested and can be used for assessment, instruction and/or professional development.
Math material features:
  • Authentic, problem-solving tasks
  • A differentiated, more accessible and more challenging version of the task for grades Pre K-8.
  • Standards-based rubrics that focus on problem solving and communication
  • Annotated anchor papers for each task
  • Rich teaching notes to guide assessment and instruction
  • Interdisciplinary links to extend problems
  • Alignments to NCTM, state, Common Core, STEM and provincial standards as well as various math texts
The most powerful form of professional development occurs when teachers work together to assess student performance and discuss student work. This experience ties together assessment, curriculum and instruction. Exemplars material supports this process.

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